Alvin & Pei Zhen

Wedding Proposal Story

Doraemon Love Stations start point
Doraemon Cupid Arrow Station,  where first love blooms
Doraemon Memory Jelly Station, locked down the memories
Doraemon Time Cloth Station, Take a peak to the future
Doraemon, struck by cupid arrow
Doraemon comic strip, how it started
Doraemon Memory Jelly, sweetest love
Doraemon proposal flower
Take a seat
Will you marry me?
Doraemon movie peek
Doraemon Mascot surprise
Guess who am I?
Doraemon Surprise
Will you marry me?

Love is like Magic

“Love, must be sincere.” Ever wonder what is it like to have found someone who brave through all adventures and gave you all the support you need in the world? When Alvin approached us with a request to create a meaningful proposal for Pei Zhen with her favourite character (Doraemon) in it, We were thrilled to be tasked with this challenge to weave their stories together. The strong bond between Doraemon and Nobita is unforgettable and it inspired us to bring out this precious friendship, trust, and love into the proposal of Alvin and Pei Zhen.

The whole proposal revolves around Doraemon’s famous 4D magic pocket pouch and how each gadget helped Nobita to overcome the obstacles in his life. We selected a few unforgettable gadgets and translate it into how the love and actions of our lovely couple have helped their relationship to come this far together. It is a reminder to them that each milestone and company shouldn’t be taken granted for, not forgetting a customized Doraemon’s comic strip at each pitstops to narrate the role of each gadget in their life.

The gadget lists:

  1. Doraemon’s Cupid Arrow – This is where both of them are struck by love and the rest is history!
  2. Doraemon’s Jelly Translator – When they understand each other so well that every action or expression can be understood without words, it is as if they have eaten Doraemon’s Magical Konjac Jelly to assist them to decode each other’s thoughts.
  3. Doraemon’s Time Cloth aka Time Furoshiki – We tweaked the original purpose of this gadget, instead of turning back time, we fast forward to a picture perfect family portrait.

How can we miss out a short Doraemon cartoon clip at the proposal spot with a life-size Doraemon mascot dancing to it?

“Will you marry me?”

Venue: Tanjong Beach Club, Sentosa

Will you marry me?