Anish & Heena

Wedding Proposal Story

Mysterious flower gifts
Surprise family appearance
When love find its way
Right here waiting for you
The precious stone
Will you marry me?
Victorious YES!
Figuring out the plan
The best is yet to be.

A Walk to Remember with Anish & Heena

“In the midst of an ordinary day, between ordinary people with ordinary hearts, blossomed an extraordinary love.” Anish made a promise and Heena gave her word above the Supertrees at OCBC Skyway with Singapore’s City skyline witnessing this romantic proposal.

It was their first time in Singapore and Heena was here with her family for a holiday but little did she know that Anish was already in Singapore with his family a day before for this very significant moment in their life.

It all started with a trip to Gardens by the Bay planned by Heena’s family, in a garden filled with interesting blooms. An ordinary day trip turned into something unexpected when she was given the first stalk of roses by the “garden ambassador” with a note stating, “May every step in this garden bloom into something that last forever.”
Each rose that Heena received has a task given by Anish, a task to convey how far they have come and how much he treasures her, while he watches his bride-to-be inch closer to the proposal spot from afar.

The notes on the roses guided Heena document her proposal journey:

  • Shoes she is wearing
  • A Selfie
  • The time on her watch
  • A group photo with Anish’s family (Surprise appearance)

The roses led to the middle of the OCBC skywalk bridge where Anish stood there in his suit and a bouquet of flowers.
“Will you marry me?”

Venue: Gardens by the Bay, OCBC Skywalk

Will you marry me?